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Pi Living Energy Water

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Benefits of PI Water

 1. Better Hydration

Pi Water is absorbs faster and effectively because the water cluster of Pi Water is very small.  

 2. Includes more oxygen

Pi Water includes more oxygen this way it carries more oxygen to your blood and provides more oxygen to your cells.

 3. Pi Water has Anti-Oxidation Effects

One of the causes of our body aging is due to oxidation of our body systems. Anti-Oxidation Effects suppress the increase of excessive free radical, (Oxygen peroxide), and keep your body from oxidation attack. 

 4. Minus Ion Effect

Minus ion helps suppress free radicals. It also balances the pH level of blood as low as alkaline, the autonomic nerves and the function of internal secretion.

 5. Structure of the Pi Water molecule

“Structured water” has high solubility for the body’s mineral. Therefore, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins tend to go from digestive tract and bloodstream  into the tissues.